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Canadian citizens with a minor child investigating a year long stay with a Romanian grandparent.

We're all Canadian citizens (not living in Quebec). Our 14 year old child is interested in visiting Child's grandparent for a year, or more. The grandparent lives in Romania, and we support our child in this trip/adventure.

A long term travel Visa to Romania says it's for 90 days, but it can be extended. Does anyone have information on how easy it would be to repeatedly extend this based upon the reasons of "I'd like to continue living with Grandparent learning more about my heritage."

Immigration: I see that adult applicants for immigration need to speak Romanian. Child doesn't. Child is also not a skilled worker. My searches seem to be poisoned by google thinking we're looking to immigrate to Canada instead of the reverse. Is there anything straightforward, in English, about family sponsorship to Romania? Alternately, if anyone can definitely say this isn't a realistic option, that would be appreciated too.

TLDR: immigration or travel visa hacks to get a 14 year old to live in Romania with a grandparent for a year.
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I lived in Romania for a year about fifteen years ago. I am American. My visa looked like this. The impression that I got was that if you're not trying to get a job there, it is unlikely to be a big headache to get your visa extended. This is not an immigration situation at all. So, if I am reading this page correctly it says that there is, in fact, no visa required just a 90 day limit on tourism and then you need to apply. Did you try talking to either the Romanian embassy in Canada [contact information at that address or here] or a Canadian embassy in Romania [contact info here]?
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Obviously exchange students stay longer than 90 days in other countries. Maybe searching along those lines will get you more answers.
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My suggestion would be to call the Romanian embassy in Ottawa - they should be able to tell you the best option for your situation. Here is their contact details. Good luck!
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