IR and veterinary science?
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I'm interested in the intersection of international relations and other, niche-ier fields. So, um, what are some?

International relations and economics is one (but obviously not very niche) IR and public health is another. My dad was a diplomat who who did cultural outreach--theater, strangely--in other countries. I'd like to know more--people whose fields are the intersection of international relations and [weird field you never would expect.]

Please forgive the vagueness of this question. I don't even know the terms with which to google.
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I know quite a few unionists who cover and organise workers in industries where the job crosses borders. The maritime unionists in my country, for instance, have very good links with stevedoring and seamens' and transport unions around the world, and the work they do at the higher level is all about equity and international arrangments.
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I wonder if you could combine international relations with social work? I imagine that anyone heavily involved in anti-human trafficking efforts has some experience with both areas.
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The export education sector (delivery of education by schools/colleges/universities to overseas students) is one that is a huge industry world-wide and where international relations experience could be valuable. These might often be jobs directly or indirectly associated with marketing, which doesn't sit well with some people, though.
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-IR and law is big, although not niche.
-Negotiations. Think treaties and international trade.
-Sociology for something like the US military's Human Terrain System project.
-Perhaps Anthropological diplomacy
- Cartography
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International relations and gender and sexuality (this journal is an example, although limited to Asia).

On what These Birds of a Feather mentioned, Columbia SIPA has a dual international affairs and social work degree.
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International relations and psychology (link goes to pdf) has some interesting permutations, including promoting international links among psychologists, providing psychosocial support to disaster survivors, and hiring, training and counseling humanitarian workers (overlaps with Human Resources work).
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Here's your IR and veterinary science link: NYTimes - Rinderpest, a Centuries-Old Animal Disease, Is Eradicated.

One starting point might be this list of specialized agencies of the United Nations. The Universal Postal Union is mail systems and IR! The World Meteorological Organization unites weathermen and IR wonks!
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Very interesting, all, thanks.
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