Khakis for the boyfriend
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I would like to buy a pair of khakis for my boyfriend to replace a pair that ripped, but don't really know much about men's clothing.

So I have a couple of related questions here. First, can anyone recommend a good brand to buy? These are to be very casual so I'm looking to spend ~$50. Bonus points, if it's something available on Amazon Prime and I can get it here by this weekend.

Secondly, can someone help me figure out my boyfriend's likely pant size from the following information? He's ~5'11'', weighs about 145-150 lbs, took a collar size of 15.5, generally wears medium sized clothing and has a slim and muscular build. I wear jeans with a waist size of 30 and he gets in pretty easily into those. What waist and inseam length should I be looking for? Do you need any other info?

Thank you!
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He sounds exactly like me. Probably 31W 32L, but it depends greatly on the brand, and how much he likes them to break at the cuff. (Also on leg-to-torso ratio.) I would look on Zappos, which usually gets to me in a day and generally has free shipping both ways.
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Does he wear his pants on his hips or around his waist?
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Best answer: Look at his current pants while he's sleeping to figure out the size. You can't reliably figure out the inseam from his height.
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Also, try to avoid pants that bring out male camel toe. I refuse to to buy some pants because of those issues.
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Oh-- Gap khakis are usually decent, and you would have the advantage of trying them on first. Usually about $60.
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Response by poster: Does he wear his pants on his hips or around his waist?

His waist.
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Response by poster: supercres, Zappos is a great idea! I keep forgetting that they do more than shoes now.
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Also, try to avoid pants that bring out male camel toe. I refuse to to buy some pants because of those issues.

That term is "moose knuckle." To avoid this unsightly and uncomfortable predicament, go with pants from Duluth Trading Co. They have ball room. Only thing is I don't know if they are hip enough for your man.
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Best answer: I would also guess he's a 31W x 32L. In doubt, its always better for them to be a tiny bit large rather than too tight/flooding. This is especially true with casual khakis.

Believe it or not, good ol' Dockers likely fit the bill here. They're not nearly as dorky as they used to be. I like the D2 line, as they're slimmer, and have a more modern fit, without making me look like I'm trying to be a hipster. I like these for casual dress, or their "clean" option if I'm looking to dress it up a little.

Also, unless your boyfriend is a Dad, or a complete dork, don't get khakis with pleats, or cuffs.
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Best answer: Generally men's pants these days come in a slim (skinny), straight or regular (relaxed) fit. Your boyfriend sounds downright skinny so I'd probably stick him in a slim fit. Slim is hipper these days too. I'd also lean towards flat (as opposed to pleated) front.

Did some filtering on Zappo's and got these

I personally like these from that list.
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I reckon a bit longer than 32" would be in order. I'm 5' 9.5", wear my pants at the waist and 32" is at best right on the precipice of being too short; I have encountered some pants of that (alleged) length and they were too short (and that's assuming there's zero shrinkage).

Depending on the type of shoes he'll wear with 'em, the prospect of shrinkage, 33"-34" sounds good.
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I personally enjoy the way that Banana Republic's boot-cut chinos fit. Slimmer through the knee with a little flare at the end so you don't get too much bunching in the cuff. FWIW I'm 6'1" 145lb and I wear a 30x32, but inseams can be different for everyone depending on how long their legs and torsos are.
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Best answer: I'm the same height and have about 5 lbs more muscle than your boyfriend. I generally wear anywhere between a size 30 to a size 32 waist, depending on the brand. Some are more generous than others...

I also never take longer than a 32" leg length. Again, many manufacturers are generous here, and I'd be cuffing like crazy with a 34L.

My vote is for a 31X32, unless he has really tiny hips, in which case 30X32 should be right.

Also, Bonobos make some incredibly ass-flattering khakis. They also fit true to their measurements, so I'd shoot for a pair of these.
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Response by poster: Ok, thanks all. I think my best option will be to sneak a look at his jeans some time and then order a pair.

teriyaki_tornado and bitdamaged, those were the ones I was eyeing on Amazon -- though I'll probably buy them from Zappos now if I get them.

I really like the looks of those Bonobos ones yellowcandy!
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