How to access or find transcript of a captioned YouTube video?
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Particularly for a YouTube interview that already has captioning, how can I (and you) save 10 minutes & just read the transcript file that the captioning is pulled from?

TED talks have an interactive transcript so you can just read the talk; does Youtube have something similar, that I'm overlooking? Or if someone creates a rough transcript, where's the place to put it where others can easily find it? (fyi, when googling, it seems if you don't quote the word "transcript", Google ignores it)
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Best answer: You're looking to get a copy of the "captions" (which could be anything - additional notes, a plain transcription, or a translation of the text).

For this, I found YouTube closed-caption ripper (free online app). It works, as I tried with this video (Nathalie Miebach: Art made of storms). It generates a SRT file, which you can open with many text readers.
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Response by poster: flt, that worked great. Thank you.
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