How to fit Iron Gym pullup bar with thick doorway trim (or seeking alternative)
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How can I make my new Iron Gym pullup bar fit in a doorway frame when the molding/trim is too thick (that is, the fastener designed to hook onto the trim cannot reach the top of it)? Or is there another similar type bar that can work with large doorway molding without screws/permanent wall damage?
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If you mean the little metal fastener that you're supposed to nail into the top of the molding to retain the bar, then you don't need that. During pullups the mechanics of the motion will keep the bar fully retained.

If you mean the large integral metal crossbar, then unless your molding is less than its thickness, you lose.
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I'm can't visualize what you mean, but I will second that you don't need that metal thing that jams into the trim as long as all points of contact on the device seat firmly. At least, I haven't died yet, but be careful.
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I don't mean the metal fastener or the part that you hang onto, I mean the (plastic) crossbar around the back that hooks onto the molding. Part that is too long is marked here:
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Link fail? Here it is.
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Yeah, I have the same problem in my apartment with the fancy vintage molding that sticks out four inches from the wall. And like you, I didn't want to screw anything into the fancy vintage molding and do permanent damage.

I did a lot of research to try and find something else, and finally gave up and just did pull-ups at the gym instead. Maybe someone else will know something, but I couldn't find a solution. (I'm moving to a new place this week with normal, boring doorways, and I'm excited that I can finally put up a doorway pullup bar there!)
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There are similar bars that are adjustable for both wider trim and thicker doorways, like this one on Amazon.
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Is that a picture of where you want it? Because it doesn't look problematic to me. Does the curve of the bar hit the moulding or the foam? If it's just the foam, trim it, it's not all that useful.
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No that isn't a picture of my apartment. It does not fit in my doorway.
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