Post-singularity theater short story id
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Today's FPP reminded me of a short story about post-singularity life in the theater.

I remember the story is set in a just-getting-by theater, that uses a mix of human and I think robot actors, who have been built to mimic famous actors of the previous era. There's a repairman guy who has a conversation with the last human actor about how he'll always have a job,

...repairman is working on one of the robots

actor: what will you do when they make a machine to fix the robots?

repairman: i'll be the guy who fixes that machine

A guest human actress visits the theater and IIRC, tries to commit suicide on stage by replacing the blanks in a gun scene with real bullets, but the local actor intervenes to save her, possibly at the cost of his own life.
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Sounds like "The Darfsteller" by Walter M. Miller, Jr.
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