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My father (65yo) has a small business teaching English as a foreign language to adults. He doesn't teach from scratch, but rather teaches those who already have a basic understanding of English. To do this, he asks all who apply to first complete a 2-page basic language assessment. He has recently created a website, and would like to be able to include the assessment online, preferably embedded on the website, or as a link to an assessment site. What software or site would easily help him do this?

The questions range from multiple choice to gap-fill and open-answers. It also includes pictures.

This is in the UK, fwiw.
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Have him look into Google Forms, easy and free. It can handle the multiple choice and essay questions - not sure about the images.
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alternatives to google forms:

Zoho Challenge
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The really great thing about Google Forms is it posts the results to a Google Spreadsheet. From there he can easily calculate the grades for everyone in the class.

Not sure about Wufoo and Zoho, but when I've used other online form services, they made it difficult to get the data in a standard format unless you pay for their service.
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Thirding Google forms, and then using conditional formatting on the answer spreadsheet to auto-correct those with discrete answers.
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