Why is it so grippy?
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Please help my son research grip tape for a demonstrative speech.

My son is a freshman in college who works in a skate shop. For his communications class, he will be doing a five to six minute speech demonstrating how to apply grip tape to a board. He wants to talk about the science of how grip tape works, but I'm afraid we don't have the physics vocabulary to get us to the right articles. Thanks!
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Searching "skateboard grip tape patent" (without the quotation marks) will lead you to information containing scientific terms and descriptions that will help his research.
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It's grippy because of the silicon carbide particles which are sprayed onto perforated PVC backing layered with epoxy. The perforations make it easier to apply without bubbles.
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If it's a demonstrative speech about how to apply the grip tape and it's only supposed to be five to six minutes total, he might reconsider whether it's a great idea to spend time talking about something that is not demonstrative or really germane to the topic of his speech - which is to demonstrate how to stick the tape on the board. Putting grip tape on a board takes about five minutes even if you're not explaining the process while you're doing it.
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roofus nails the why, but if he wants to discuss properties of physics, I think (high school physics was a long time ago) you're looking for the term "coefficient of friction".
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