Help me buy this French anti-perspirant.
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Where can I buy this French anti-perspirant?

While living in France, I became fond of a pretty commonplace anti-perspirant. The brand is Ushuaïa and the scent is coconut (lait de coco). I've been trying for years to find someplace to buy it online to no avail. Save having someone stop into a Monoprix and buy me a roll-on on their trip to Paris, how can I purchase this precious commodity from where I live the U.S.? I've considered putting an ad on Craigslist Paris for a stranger to send it to me but that seems extreme in a global marketplace.
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Looks like you can buy it here and get it shipped to the US. Don't know if they're a reputable seller, though. Looks like it!
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Er, I'm sorry, that looks like a bath cream, I think? Clearly my French is rusty.
posted by two lights above the sea at 8:27 PM on October 25, 2011 they ship to the states. Your best bet would be to call them...and in that case, they may give you a phat bulk deal.
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Hee hee I only came in here to check if it was Ushuaïa. It's amazing, isn't it? Sorry this is a non-answer... I bulk buy in Paris & import to the UK.
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