Can't quickly review images for D7000
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I can't view thumbnail images in playback mode on my Nikon D7000. What is wrong?

You should be able to simply press the "zoom - minus / ISO" button in playback mode, and the camera should treat you to a view of thumbnails. However, my D7000 stubbornly refuses to do so. Is there a setting somewhere that I might have screwed up? (I have tried resetting the settings, but AFAIK this only resets the shooting settings). No love from Google or the manual....
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I just went through the gamut of options on all menus, and then tried my best to make mine not work either, but in the end all i could do was hit iso/minus through the choices until it became a calendar, then qual/plus to bring it back to large format.

I have John Batdorff's book on the D7000 in pdf form ("From snapshots to great shots") and i searched it, too, to no avail.

Maybe a firmware upgrade will kick it in the pants? I shudder (puns, ha) at the thought of having to reinstall firmware completey. I really hope the is an alternative to that.
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I'm not sure what is going on here, but your first step should be to do a master reset of the camera. This is described on page 151 of the manual. The condensed procedure is to hold down the QUAL and +/- buttons for two to three seconds. Note that you'll ultimately have to re-tweak any custom functions and user settings you've previously adjusted.

If this does nothing to fix the problem, you could try a firmware re-installation, as MansRiot suggested. While I doubt that this will solve anything, it's not a hairy procedure at all, as long as you follow Nikon's instructions to the letter. If you've never done a firmware installation, read the instructions several times before you start. It's not the most intuitive process.
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Response by poster: I did the master reset, I think (holding the two buttons with green dots beside them). I had hoped that it was me missing something simple and stupid, because I don't really want to go down the firmware re-install route for the next few days. I'm travelling right now, and the thoughts of anything going wrong make me terrify me (plus it looks like you need a fresh SD card). I can live with the annoyance until back home, where hopefully I can get my local friendly Nikon dealer to hold my hand for it.
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Are you 100% sure you have images on your SD card? I know that sounds simple but perhaps it's not displaying anything because there's nothing to display.
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Response by poster: That's it! Awesome. And, totally undocumented.
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