LGBT-related volunteering in NYC?
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What are some volunteer opportunities in NYC that involve working with the LGBT community?

I'm looking for volunteering opportunities in New York City that involve helping LGBT people. I'm particularly curious about volunteering opportunities that would be a prelude to applying to master's programs in social work, so things like envelope stuffing or political campaigns are not really what I'm looking for. I'm looking for things where I could actually help people one-on-one, such as working with elderly LGBT people, or young LGBT people, or other people who need some sort of help or interaction.
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The LGBT Community Center on W13th and 7th might be a good place to start. If they don't need any help themselves, surely they'll know somewhere that does.
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Judson Memorial Church is another possibility.
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SAGE! Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders!
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If you're interested in health stuff, you could try Callen-Lorde, but I don't know their volunteer needs.
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The Queens Rainbow Community Center.
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Queers for Economic Justice do some seriously kick-ass work, like organizing LGBT folks in homeless shelters. I love them and donate to them, and would volunteer with them if I lived a little closer.
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Sylvia's Place. They are a homeless shelter and drop in center for homeless LGBTQ youth.

The person you want to get in touch with there is Francis Wood.
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Seconding SAGE... I volunteered there as a "Friendly Visitor" and it was a wonderful, mutually-enriching experience.
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Hetrick-Martin Institute! -- home of Harvey Milk H.S. They have a number of social workers on staff and while I doubt they would let you offer counseling yourself, I bet there is substantive work for you to do. Contact Seton Davey. Tell her what you're looking for.
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Given your background, I'd suggest Immigration Equality, unless you're specifically avoiding law-related volunteering.
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Right Rides is based in NYC and they do great work to prevent sexual violence against LBTQ women. Volunteers drive zipcars to provide safe late night rides home.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.
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