PCMCIA storage card in Tucson AZ
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I need to purchase a PCMCIA storage card (ATA format) from a store located in or very near Tucson AZ. Any ideas?
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I should say that i need this item by wed. night the 15th
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CompactFlash memory cards are natively ATA-IDE format. Just put one in a PCMCIA adapter and you're good to go. You can get CompactFlash memory and adapters at any Best Buy -- and probably just about any other big box store with electronics (Target, Wal Mart, etc.).
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Yikes -- that PCMCIA adapter I linked to doesn't list CompactFlash support. Nevertheless, it'll convert SD, MMC, xD and Memory Stick memory to PCMCIA storage, which should be fine for most applications; just replace one of those formats with the CompactFlash card.

CompUSA has the CompactFlash adapter I was thinking of, however.
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SWS Electronics on S. Plumer. They have bankers' hours though.
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If you go the adapter route, make sure you get one of the CompactFlash to PCMCIA adapters, not the SD/MMC/xD ones, as you can never be sure if it'll be native ATA. I've also seen CompactFlash to Cardbus adaptors, which probably aren't what you want, either. CF to PCMCIA is definitely the way to go, and will undoubtedly be much cheaper than getting an actual PCMCIA ATA card.
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