How do I open and fill out an .oft template in Entourage?
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An important, newly ISO-9001 standard form in my office is an Outlook template (*.oft) that we have to fill out. I use a Mac with Entourage. How do I fill out this form?

I'm in a minority of non-Windows computer users in an office, but the other people using Linux or Macs are in departments that don't have to use this form. I need it but I can't seem to open it. I use Entourage 2008 on OSX Lion. I have also tried Windows Live Mail in the Windows partition I run in Parallels, but no dice there. Is my only option to purchase and install Outlook, or is there another way for me to do this that doesn't require an entire new Office license?

Note that I will need regular access to this template so a free trial of Outlook won't help me in the long-term.
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To clarify, now that I'm looking a little more closely: I don't want to buy an Office for Windows license just to use Outlook for this one thing. But I see that Entourage is now Outlook 2011 for Mac Office 2011. I'm more likely to get approval to upgrade that if anyone can let me know if Outlook 2011 for Mac supports .oft files...
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Are you sure there aren't alternative ISO-9001 templates for the same purpose?
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Unfortunately there is no alternative template. I also had a wonderful MeFite volunteer to open the file for me in Outlook 2011 for Mac, and he didn't have any luck.
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