Evening volunteer community education work in Bristol
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I'm on secondment in Bristol and I have some evenings / weekends available to help the local community in some way. I have >10 years in software development and I'm a good, engaging communicator who likes training and education.

I'm looking for some kind of consulting / guidance kind of role -- as work hits crunch points at times and I need to do that as first priority.

But I think I could help with some strategic thinking / guidance on use of technology and education... any takers / thoughts etc? I love photography, I'm an amateur studio composer, and I'm good with the written word. And like design (I fiddle with photoshop etc). I can do java / phhp etc. And of course as a project manager I'm a pretty good organiser too.
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There are several websites for finding volunteer opportunities, such as IdeaList.org which will also indicate to you time commitments and specialties, etc. Also, volunteermatch.org.
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Which "Bristol"?
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Response by poster: Sorry, Bristol UK.
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Response by poster: Banished -- thanks for the link -- it seems to be pretty quiet on Interconnection -- they only seem to have 2 project active?
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IT 4 Communities is UK based and quite active. You need to register before you can search, but they've got a few projects listed in and around Bristol. I've done a couple of projects in London via them, and there's a usually good range of to choose from.
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