Recommendations for dental tourism?
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Recommendations for medical tourism (dental implants) in Costa Rica, Mexico or elsewhere?

I need to get several dental implants done (plus a sinus/lift bone graft for one of them) and have been thinking about going to Costa Rica, Mexico or elsewhere for this because of the cost difference. Does anyone have recommendations for specific doctors, clinics or companies that facilitate this sort of thing? (I've read through the previous few threads on this topic on MeFi, but there are few specifics there). There seem to be a lot of resources on the internet on this topic, but I'm at a loss about how to go about finding a quality dentist.

Because this will take at least two or three trips to get done, Costa Rica and Mexico seem more logical as they are less expensive to travel to, but I'm open to recommendations in other places around the world as well.
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Best in Asia for the price is Thailand - it is possible to have implants done in one session now, but don't know how they compare with traditional method. Probably too far for you, but if you're interested mail me and I'll give you details of the best I know.
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Best answer: You might look at this description of dentists in Mérida, Yucatán (a 2-hour flight from Houston). There are recommendations in the comments, and more info on the web sites listed for the dentists. Mérida is a safe place to visit with lots of cultural events.
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I got your message re thai dentists and will send details as soon as possible - computer breakdown so am a bit out of the loop at the moment.
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Best answer: Dentists in Thai - sorry.have not figured out memail, and only have number/name. google should give details. Dr Tappasit, Pattaya Thailand:038362096/0885308008/. Denta Smile,Bangkok: 022799473. If you can't find on google I can get website from a friend in a couple of days. I went to Dr Tappasit and was very impressed indeed.
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A friend went to denta smile many times - always good results
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