What do women who are losing their hair use on the back of the scalp?
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I am a woman 30 yr old woman experiencing spotty hair loss around my scalp, in the front and a lot of thinning at the back. Minoxidil 3% is working great for my front, but what should i use for the back?

On the box it says it's only for the front of the hair line and temples. What on earth am I supposed to use for the back that will work just as well? I'm also taking viviscal, biotin, selenium and iron. I would like to make an appt with a hair loss doctor but most of them seem to offer laser treatments etc. What has worked for you? Any womans hair loss advice is appreciated.
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See a dermatologist to try to figure out whether your hair loss has an underlying medical cause that can be treated.
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Have you seen your GP/PCP about the problem? There are many medical conditions that can cause hairloss (especially patchy hairloss).
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If it's your thyroid, you're looking at synthroid, not a topical solution. Get bloodwork done.
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Get tested for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - hair loss due to excessive androgens is a common side effect. If PCOS is the source, your doctor can prescribe anti-androgens like Spironolactone to help block the testosterone that is triggering the hair loss. Also, in addition to the Minoxidil, look for a shampoo that removes DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) from your scalp.
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