How to Popup Song Titles and Artists While Streaming?
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Website for Discovering New Music that Features a Pop-Up/Pop-Down Display?

I want to discover more new music, kinda like with Pandora, but I want to do it while at work, and without having to switch tabs or windows each time I want to learn the name of the artist/song/album of the new music I am hearing while working on that document or plan that I am really concentrating on.

Minimal disruption to my work flow is my goal while still getting hip to the flow!

I am envisioning how my gmail will pop up a little window in the bottom right of my screen when I have a new email message come in. Is there a music site, or a way to make this happen for a music site, that would pop-up (and then it would go back down on its own after 5-10 seconds) showing me the title/artist/album when each new song starts? Am I asking for too much?

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Best answer: If you're using Firefox then FoxyTunes will control Pandora. You won't have anything pop up, but it will sit in a place in the browser where you can always see what's playing. In some ways that might be better.
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Response by poster: Hey this looks like a great option. I do use Firefox. I also use Chrome, anything out there for Chrome yet that would do something like this?
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Anesidora for Chrome will do it -- you have to enable pop-ups in the options and it will pop up in the bottom right for every new song, or you can keep pop-ups off and just click the icon in the toolbar when you want to see what's playing without having to switch windows or anything.
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Response by poster: I can't get Anesidora to work, but I did discover an actual Pandora extension in Chrome apps! And it does work!
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