Blocking Specific Videos on Websites
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Is there a way (extension, software) to quickly block certain videos on video websites?

What I want is a simple one click (or mouse gesture) solution to permanently remove specific videos from view. For example, if on youtube if there is a live version of a song that I don't want showing up when I do a search. Also being able to block the the entire output of channels would be great. Any help ( greasemonkey or other scripts or what have you) would be appreciated.

And if this could be extended to forum posts or web links in general I'd appreciate it even more.
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Adblock will block any url you specify.
posted by desjardins at 1:38 PM on October 24, 2011

I mean, content from any URL. Also, FlashBlock and NoScript.
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It has to be a URL of some sort, so it won't work for forum posts, but yeah, Adblock will do the job. When you click the button to block an object you can choose from a set of ever-more specific filters that lets you block that specific object (e.g. one specific youtube video), things from its particular subfolder, or anything from its originating domain.
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