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I *just* finished watching the series finale of ABC's "Lost", and I would like to know what still needs solving.

I have the Blu-Ray pack. I had not watched ANY of the special features, extra discs, or even opened all the swag I got in the box.

I just wanted to watch it all the way through, soak up all the stuff...and THEN find out what I missed out on. I avoided all discussions about the show, and didn't see ONE spoiler on the internet, even didn't open that wired with jj abrams. And yeah, when I saw this on shirt.woot I didn't even read the description. So yeah...this was hard, but now I'm finished.

So now that I'm finally finished...What did I miss, are any of the special feature discs explaining stuff in the show...or are they just adding new stuff?

I know there is plenty of stuff that was never explained (walt?!?).

What did I miss?
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Best answer: there was an epilogue
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There is a mini movie "The New Man in Charge" that is supposed to be on the box set that shows three small vignettes showing what happened with Walt, Darhma, Ben and Hugo and lamely (IMHO) tries to explain some things.

There's also some MeFi Thread here. Previously on Lost and a post about the Epilogue mannequito referenced above.
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Yeah, Lostpedia; look up the individual characters to find what parts of their story remains unanswered, there's a special entry for everyone.
Of the extra features, the two short films at the end are kind of explanatory for what Hurley and Ben do after the official end of the non-alternative-reality storyline, and one of them catches up on the growing-up Walt.
But most of the extra material is worthwhile looking through, most of it explains stuff further and doesn't wildly add more mystery.

(Funny. I did this in July and August, and exactly in the same fashion: turn a blind eye on all the spoiler stuff out there. Incredibly hard to do in practice).
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One thing that I missed from not following Lost online was some of the behind-the-scenes stuff around the actors that caused changes on the show. For example, Akinnuoye-Agbaje asked to leave the show, so Eko was killed off even though the original plan was for him to have a larger role in future episodes. Somewhat similarly, Libby was apparently supposed to get her own flashback episode at some point, but the writers felt their original plan to have Michael only kill Ana Lucia wouldn't have the impact they wanted because the fans didn't like Michelle Rodriguez enough, so they killed Libby off before they could go into her backstory.
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[...."remain unanswered"...argh]

Here is the entry for Ben Linus, for example. Unanswered questions all the way down the page.
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Response by poster: there was an epilogue

WHOA! Ok. I will return to this thread once my teammate and I have watched this...holy krap.
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I know this is kind of against askme rules, but I'm really curious what your feeling was of the finale and the entire last season, and whether you think the series as a whole works when you absorb it in one chunk like that. Did the show make sense? Did it feel like it was building up to something and that the ending was the right ending for the show? Did it was all planned out or did it feel like they were making everything up as they went along.

I'm going to try and somehow make this an answer to your question by getting you to give us your thoughts on it and then directing you to read reviews of the last season (which were pretty bitterly divided on it.)
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My Lost memories are a little hazy by now, but wasn't there some deeper behind the scenes stuff as to why Libby was killed off. Like, wasn't there a lawsuit involving something that happened on the set?
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Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia) and Cynthia Watros (Libby) were arrested for a DUI a few months before both of their characters were killed off, but everyone swears that wasn't why they were killed off, so.
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And Mr. Eko had to be written out because the actor didn't want to live in Hawaii.
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And Benjamin Linus was written into the show only after it was well underway, and only after reviews of Michael Emerson came back with wide acclaim.
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Another thing you "missed" by not watching it during its tv run was all the associated online content, referred to as The Lost Experience — which I found to be pretty meh, but some people really got into it. Although I did like that you could pull up the fake site for Oceanic Air (oceanic-air.com) during the early days when everything was a great big mystery, and it all seemed very weeeirrd and fun. For me, the excitement of that stuff faded pretty quickly, while the constant years-long speculation with friends who watched it was fun straight through to the end.
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Empath - imho it really, REALLY seemed like the writers totally knew what they were doing until around season 3 (writer's strike? scabs?) at which point it just totally derailed and had characters roaming around in circles, learning near zilch for many episodes, which was not really ever fixed. I still feel that way. Before that point (not sure of the exact episode it jumped shark) I thought it was possibly a mistake that such a great show was put on regular broadcast television, and that it was originally intended for some cable station.

I had a similar feeling, but not nearly as much, about Battlestar Galactica.
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Fun thing I'm doing now: Watching the entire series, but out of order.

Here's the plan: Season 5, 2, 4, 3, 6, 1. It's a lot more fun that way.
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bitterkitten: it was actually the opposite. Made it up as they went along with the overall story developing over time, but season 3 is when they sat down and planned out the latter three seasons. A couple months ago I happened to hear two separate hour+ podcasts with Damon Lindelof as the guest.
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They went against earlier things they said, "It's not time travel," "It's not purgatory." They said they knew how it was going to end from the get-go, but what they meant was the final shot and nothing else (they knew it would end with Jack's eye closing).

I really regret wasting so many hours of my life watching that show.
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