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Where can i find the UK (unilever) brand of Sure deodorant/antiperspirant spray/rollon to buy in the US that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and my firstborn child?

The only place i've seen is one or two sellers on Amazon but they're asking $10/$12 per bottle plus $8 dollars shipping. Methinks that's a little too steep, no?
And is there any reason why they aren't sold in the US or Canada? After all it is one of the most successful global brands.
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Heh. I can confirm that it is not possible to get one country's version in the other country. My stepfather is an American living in London, and he begs me to bring him several cans of US Sure aerosol antiperspirant every time I visit. Perhaps you and he can work out some sort of cross-Atlantic shipping system?
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Different markets, different brands, different ranges. Sprays and roll-ons aren't nearly as popular in the US, where the solid stick seems to dominate.

British Delights imports it, but has limited stock right now.

For roll-ons, since there aren't any propellant issues, it might be worth looking for a UK-based eBay seller that offers international delivery.
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Oh no. Will I not be able to buy solid stick deodorant in the UK?
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crabintheocean: yeah, you can still get them easily, although they probably are in third place after spray then roll-on.
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If you have a picture, I'll buy it to you and send it to you in exchange for something else.
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