Educational consultants in NYC?
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Can you recommend an educational consultant in New York?

My friends are looking for an educational consultant in New York City. Their son is in elementary school, works well beyond his grade level, and hears a different drummer. They need someone who knows NYC elementary schools inside and out and can help find the right place for their son.
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Your friends may have already tried the Parents' League and Inside Schools and Great Schools, but if not, they are good places to start getting an overview of which schools to tour and to find out if the child needs particular test scores. Clara Hemphill wrote the book on NYC schools and does private consultation as well.
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Corrected: Great Schools
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We had a good experience with getting an evaluation for our child from Neuropsychological Assessment and Consultation Services - 212 327 4979. Not sure if they fit what your friends are looking for. When our daugter was in nursery school the school sponsored some presentations from Robin Aronow and were favorably impressed. Feel free to MeMail me for more info.
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