How do I land a job in the Bay Area - when I'm currently overseas? Or should I move first?
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How do I land a job in the Bay Area when I'm currently living overseas? Or should I throw caution to the wind and move there first?

I'm currently living and working in Singapore, but ready to move - and I've decided, after a couple of trips over there, that I want to move to the SF bay area. I've been looking for jobs in corporate treasury - doing FX risk management for a big tech firm would be my ideal job - and I've sent in resumes to a few firms along those lines, but haven't heard a peep back.

So, question - is it even worth trying to apply for these sort of jobs from overseas? Should I move to SF first, and try to network my way into a job that way?

And if it *is* worth applying from overseas, how can I make myself look like a more appealing candidate even though I'd be relocating to take the job?

If it makes a difference, I've got 6+ years experience - and I'm an Aussie citizen, so I'm eligible for an E3 visa instead of having to queue for an H1B.

(And, because it never hurts to ask - do any Bay Area MeFites know a company that's looking for an experienced FX trader with coding skills?)
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Two issues: (i) the bay area is very expensive and moving there without a lot of savings or a predictable job is not maybe the most practical plan. (ii) having heard a little bit about immigration from friends of mine, I think the visa situation is much more complicated than you realize. I can't give you certainties, but I don't really think they'd even let you in the country without you having to lie to immigration (claim to be a tourist), and without a return flight, I'm not sure that would even work. Just looking at the wikipedia page for E3 visas, "Change of visa status is not possible if the applicant has entered the country under the visa waiver program, however, if the applicant has entered on a different visa (F-1 student) then a change of status is allowed." But I don't see how else you could enter the country besides the visa waiver program, given the facts in your question.
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Best answer: I'm an Aussie citizen, so I'm eligible for an E3 visa instead of having to queue for an H1B.

This is not the advantage you may think it is. You will still have to find an employer who is keen enough on hiring you to be willing to jump through the hoops associated with sponsorship. (The only substantive difference between E3 and H1-B is the cap on the number of the latter that are issued.)

Your skills and abilities may be sufficient to entice an employer to jump through those hoops. Chances are, however, you will have to be in front of the employer in order to make your case. Skype may offer you some advantage. If you do not have that capability, get it.
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Best answer: It's certainly possible to land a job in SF from overseas -- especially if you have coding skills. However if you have the resources to move to SF first, I would say to focus on moving to SF first. It's certainly less hoops to jump through as some HR departments even automatically filter out resumes with addresses that aren't in the general area of where you are applying to.

As a job applicant you should try to maximize your chances for job offers if you can afford it, and from what it sounds like, moving to the area would be your best bet. If you are a competent programmer (and don't mind hustling through networking events), it shouldn't be difficult at all to get interviews and job offers in the Bay Area.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the advice!

Skype is certainly doable, but it looks like I might have to try and head over there (to interview, if nothing else).
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