Best Toyota mechanic in Seattle?
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Answer me these questions three: Do you live in Seattle, do you have a Toyota and do you have a mechanic that you absolutely love? Hook a brother up then!

I just moved to Seattle a few months ago and it's time to make some overdue repairs to my '97 Toyota Corolla. I know that it needs some suspension work, a little electrical work and some preventative maintenance. This car needs to last me for a long time yet, so I need to find a mechanic that I can trust to help me keep the sucker running without breaking the bank. That's where you (hopefully) come in. Who knows of a great mechanic that specializes in working on Toyotas in Seattle? I live in Magnolia and would prefer something close, but can obviously travel elsewhere.

Using Car Talk's website, I found High Road Automotive in Ballard. They got great reviews on Car Talk so I'm tempted to go with them, but thought that I would query the hivemind first just to see if anyone had a suggestion of someplace better. Bay's Automotive also got good reviews on Car Talk, so that's an option as well. There are some other suggestions, but those seem to have the best reviews, based on my admittedly cursory research. I'm all ears if anyone has any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
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If you were south of downtown, I would recommend Burien Japanese Auto Service
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Tony. Number One Japanese Auto. We trust him with our 2010 Sienna and our beat-up 96 Honda Civic.

When my son plays with his toy cars and they get in an accident, he takes them to a corner of the play room and says "time to go to Tony."

As a plus, he's a Buddhist and usually has free meditation CD's on the counter.

I have never been to his Yelp page before today but am not at all surprised that others agree.
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I'm pretty darn fond of RP Auto Service in Redmond. It's just an individual mechanic, RP, who has great diagnostic skills and the wherewithal to own much of the modern, and unbelievably expensive, equipment required for diagnosis.

He takes care of our family's Lexus LS, Toyota Corrolla and Mercedes ML and has for about six years now. A lot of other mechanics and dealers turn to him for their trickier stuff.
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Now that I see it's a 97 Corolla and the kind of work you need, I am doubling up on my recommendation for RP. Ours is a '93 w/200K and runs like a top under his care.
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See the Fall 2011 issue of Puget Sound Consumer's Checkbook. They rated 429 shops in the area.

You must be a subscriber to view Checkbook articles. If you are new in the area, it may be worth it to buy the subscription. Or you can get it at the library.

I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander. I've been happy with the service at Bret's in Lynnwood.
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