probably too chilly for a hayride
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Fun, romantic autumnal activities for this Thursday or Friday night in Chicago and surrounding area?

The ladyfriend and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary at the end of this week. We're going out to a fancy dinner the next week for her birthday, so I'd like to do something different. She requested "autumnal," which should be interpreted as different from "halloweeny." Any ideas for fun events with a seasonal vibe that we could do this Thursday or Friday evening in Chicago or nearby 'burbs?
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Congrats! SO and I just celebrated our two-year anniversary as well, spent the weekend in Chicago...
As far as autumnal activities, I would highly recommend the Chicago Botanic Garden, slightly northwest of the city. Seems like there's some amazing stuff in bloom now. It's a huge place to wander and savor the sights and smells of autumn (weather permitting). Also, there's a loooong biking/walking trail that leads from the Botanic Garden through an amazing forest preserve. CBG is the perfect destination for a leaf-changing walk, or bicycle ride if you can swing some bicycles. Sorry if I sound like a travel agent, but I'm recalling a fantastic bike ride some friends and I took up there and back from the city last autumn.

There's also the North Pond Nature Sanctuary (yelp) on Fullerton just east of Clark, makes for an awesome lakefront nature stroll...again only if the weather is behaving.

Whatever you two choose, enjoy!
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Morton Arboretum is beautiful this time of year.
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