Looking for nice T-Shirts
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I'm trying to find some nice, solid color, everyday wear t-shirts in both short and long sleeve varieties.

I am male, 5'10", ~235lbs. Most XL t-shirts are a hair too snug on me while most XXL are a fair amount too large. Athletic fit don't work for my build because, well, it's not athletic anymore.

Most of my t-shirts have come from Target but lately they all suck due to either uncomfortable cut, uncomfortable fabric or just severe overall reduction in quality over the past few years.

I am in the midwest. Where should I be looking or ordering from?
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Duluth Trading Co. They have a large array of men's T-shirts, short, long, pocket, no-pocket, wide range of colors, very decent prices. I've bought several for my husband and have been pleased with the quality. (Caveat: he's not particularly large so I don't have the experience with your size range; however, they advertise that they're cut a few inches larger than usual so you may be OK with their XL. Check their size chart when you order.)
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I am a big fan of the basic Eddie Bauer t-shirt. They're true to size, they don't shrink hardly at all, and they come in extended sizes and a lot of colors.
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L.L. Bean.

I have a stack of eight of their solid color XL "Carefree Unshrinkable" pocket Tees that I got from a neighbor who had lost a lot of weight (him: 5-7, now 180. Me: 6-1, now 245).

The Free Stuff barrel at the marina is the best social invention since the potluck.

Between the two of us we've gotten five years out of these shirts and I managed to poke a hole in just one of them with a screwdriver in the pocket.
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I've found REI to have some good solid colored tees that wear well.
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Alternative Apparel's t-shirts are really a step above anything else I've ever worn. They're super soft, usually made out of Egyptian cotton, the colors are bold, the cuts are as neutral as they need to be and the company's generally considered pretty socially responsible. I prefer an AA 1070, which is their basic colored crew neck tee. If you hunt around on E-Bay, you can probably find a reseller for about $10 a piece.
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Various men in my life swear by these shirts from J Peterman. I can tell you that they look nice and last FOREVER. My father has had some for nearly 20 years now.
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Hanes beefy T's from cheapestees.com. Starting at $8.19 each.
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Lands' End
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Well, one unconventional place you can get good low cost solid-color t-shirts is the craft store Michaels. They are meant for crafts, but you can just wear them plain.

There should be stores in your area so can see if they have anything close to what you are looking for.
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Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. I've started with ordering one from L.L. Bean and I'll cycle through the others from there (and likely stop once I hit a winner.)
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I'm your shape and have been wearing heavyweight Champion XXL tees for years.

Even thicker are Russell Pro Cotton tees. They shrink in the wash, so get a size larger than your fit. Otherwise I think they're the best.
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Carhartt T-shirts and I get along quite well. If you're near a Fleet Farm, you can try 'em on for size there.
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Got the L.L. Bean shirts I ordered today. They are *precisely* what I am looking for. Couldn't be happier. Thanks again!
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