Can I get out set in grease stains?
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Hope me, laundry wizards! Is there any way to get out grease stains on a shirt after it's been dried?

So I'm kind of a terribly messy eater. I got big blotches of grease on a cotton shirt I would rather not have to replace. I pre-treated with handwashing detergent and let it sit for a week. I laundered in cold water and dried on medium. Stains are still there. :( Is there anything I can do now or should I chalk this up to live and learn?
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Dry clean! This is what they're for!
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Spot clean with a dish soap, like Dawn or Palmolive. It's designed to get food grease off of dishes, and it does a great job of getting food grease out of clothes. Squirt a couple drops on the area and massage with your fingertips to open the weave of the fabric...hopefully that will do it.
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Reactivate the stain (dab or spray oil onto it). Let sit for ten minutes. Put liberal amount of Dawn dish soap on the freshened stain. Let sit for ten minutes. Launder as usual.

This has worked for me every time I've accidentally laundered a tube of lip balm along with my clothing.
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Response by poster: And because this useful question somehow didn't come up in my search, I'm linking to it here for other hapless messy eaters like myself.
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Resolve Dual-Action. I've used it literally dozens of times to remove post-wash grease stains (and one time even removed a post-wash and dry huge yellow mustard stain 100%) it's amazing stuff.
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sorry, it's Dual-Power. Sometime sold as Spray and Wash Dual-Power. The main thing is it contains two active ingredients that only get mixed at the time of application.
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I can't tell you how many times lip balm has gone through the full wash and dry cycle at my house. A good soak in Oxyclean does the trick when spot cleaning with dish detergent or Fels Naptha won't.
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You want Rit Super Stain Remover. I never discover grease stains until after they've been dried. This always works.
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Squirt some dish detergent on it and soak it in a sink full of hot water, with maybe some hand agitation. Should do the trick.
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Lestoil has never failed me.
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Oxiclean. Just did this with a couple shirts a few weeks ago. It took a couple washes, but it worked when Dawn didn't.
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Best I've found for anything greasy (even after drying) is OxiClean Max Force Laundry Pre-Treater Spray. I used to be more promiscuous in my choice of pretreaters but realized after dealing with many stains from clumsy butter-loving children that this was the way to go.
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The Shout gel that comes in a squeeze bottle with a bristle brush on the top has always worked for me. Rub it in, 10 minutes, wash. Sometimes I have to do it twice.
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yes! even a year-old oil stain can be removed with Marseille soap (the olive oil variety).
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Thirding Oxiclean. It might take a couple of rounds but don't give up, it will come out eventually.
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Spray and Wash Dual-Power (it's a bottle with pink liquid on one side and clear liquid on the other). Spray it directly on stain and let set for 3-5 minutes (not more!), followed by Oxyclean in the washing machine water. This combination has gotten out almost anything I've ever thrown at it. And I'm a messy eater.
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Oh, and wash with HOT water.
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Kevin Kelly just did a Cool Tools on this very subject and Fels-Naptha.
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Try some sodium carbonate aka washing soda/soda ash which is sold as "Soooo Clean". Either mix up a small amount to make a paste and slather on damp fabric, or add a few tablespoons to a gallon of water and let it soak.
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my family swears by Goop. used by mechanics for washing grease off their hands, but fantastic for grease stains on clothes. bonus: fun to smoosh around.
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kittydelsol has already mentioned it: LESTOIL. I've used it to get grease stains out of everything from sweatshirts to satin saris. It works in one treatment, and it works on old, gone-through-the-dryer stains too.
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K2r gets out anything.
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I have good luck with Fels-Naptha and Grandma's secret spot remover. Work it in, let it sit a while, then wash normally. After washing, let the garment hang dry so if the spots didn't come out you can try again without the heat-setting that comes with the dryer. For some reason, running some stains through the dryer makes them a lot harder to remove, but if you hang-dry you can try a different solvent.
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