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How to properly thank a superior?

Very recently my boss went beyond my expectations to arrange an excellent opportunity for me which included a transfer to another state and several significant pay adjustments. How can I properly thank him? Hand-written thank you, take him out to lunch, etc.? I have already verbally thanked several times, but want to do more without taking it too far. I would love your suggestions. Thank you!

A few more details: I am in management and work in a big IT company. I have only reported to this guy for several months. We do not have a long tenure together. We are both males.
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A nice little thank you card, and a $10 starbucks gift card. Three free coffees is always nice. It's a small token, it's very clear, and it's not ostentatious.
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A hand-written thank you, for sure. Beyond that, I think the best way to show your appreciation is to keep him updated in the coming months and years about how and what you're doing, including being sure to tell him how/when you've had the chance to follow his example for others.
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A sincere, well-written note is the best route - I would stay away from buying anything. Then, do everything in your power to be this person for someone else.
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No gifts. A genuine, hand written thank you note is perfectly acceptable -- a gift card is not.

Meanwhile, a wonderful 'gift' you can give him is scheduling a meeting with his manager to make sure that he or she knows how wonderful your boss is, and what a great experience it's been to report to him so far. If it isn't feasible to have a meeting, put your positive feedback in writing and email it to your boss's boss. Get it down on record that he did a great job -- it will pay off in spades for him, and whatever good comes out of that will be thanks enough.
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I thanked my boss for a stunning letter of rec with a hand-written thank you and a nice bottle of wine. (He'd given me bottles in the past as thank yous, so there was some precedence and it was nice to return the favor. YMMV depending on your boss.)
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Email of thanks, cc:ed to his supervisor, emphasizing his madd management skillz. Jim, Thank you for cutting through the red tape and getting my request forms submitted so promptly, and for working with the payroll office to get my pay corrected. Your knowledge of the system, and your relationships with the staff in Payroll and HR really made this happen efficiently. It's been a pleasure working with you, and I hope we can stay in touch.

And a handwritten note to him, maybe with a bottle of wine/scotch, 6 pack of preferred beer, Dunkin Donuts card. It depends on your corporate culture; IT dept. don't seem to do this much.
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Pay It Forward. (Whether or not you explicitly let him know about this later is up to you. he might appreciate knowing that his efforts are bearing fruit more broadly.)

And I also endorse returning the favor by pointing out to his superior what a great job he did mentoring & promoting you.
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