how do i sharpen scissors?
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can you recommend an idiot-proof scissor sharpener?

i have lots of scissors, many of them are dull. i've purchased a couple of sharpeners in the past and never really figured them out. i've spent a fortune having them sharpened in the past - and am prepared to do so again. UNLESS YOU CAN HELP ME.

i'm reading reviews on amazon and really can't make heads or tails of what i might need. do all knife sharpeners sharpen scissors? i honestly don't want to read the 1,200 reviews in front of me.

pie in the sky - any price point for the sake of argument is fine. just a) works and b) is easy

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The trick with scissors is that you only "sharpen" one side of the blade. If you work the face where the two blades are in contact, you create a gap that ruins the scissors. To properly sharpen, you just work the beveled face...

If you haven't been following this rule, there is a decent chance you have just been mucking your scissors despite having the proper equipment.

If you _have_ been following this rule, then my comment is useless... I just thought there might be some low-hanging fruit here...
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i appreciate the tip? only that's the kind of sharpener i'm hoping to avoid. i want to be able to know nothing. i think? i mean, is it easy to learn that thing and then i know it and then i can sharpen my own scissors?

i'm turning into chatfilter. apologies

can i revise my question a little ... is it easy to learn to sharpen my own scissors or should i leave it to a professional? or is their a gadget that's really really idiot-proof?
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I have this and it works great - well enough for my needs, anyway.
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We have this at work and it seems idiot-proof, at least for scissors. It seems more for honing and touching up the edge, not for restoring sharpness to beat up blades.
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How sharp do you need them? The standard idiot-proof way to sharpen scissors is to use them to cut sandpaper but that doesn't work as well as a true professional sharpening job.
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I just fold a piece of aluminum foil several times and cut through it a few times (via Lifehacker years ago). Works great!
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awesome - i'm going to at least try the last two. i cut a lot of fabric, so pretty sharp - though it's paper that dulls them out. none of the blades are nicked are anything, just dull.
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I have a Spyderco Sharpmaker and it does scissors, as shown in the accompanying DVD which looks like a terrible early-90s talk show.
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