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I would like for you to plan my day tomorrow. I need direction on how to be a bit (a lot) more healthy. I've noticed that I can be successful in goalkeeping by accomplishing things in manageable chunks.

My main problem is that I overeat. Yes, I overeat. And I'm tired of it. My main reasons for eating 1. It tastes good. 2. I'm bored.

I need help. I need motivation. I need a plan for tomorrow. Let's jumpstart me for the week!

Here's a rundown of my schedule tomorrow. What are food suggestions and things to do during the times I don't have to be doing something (and this is hard, if I don't have to do something I am very good at not doing it). Ok:

6:30-7:30 am - get the kids breakfast and out the door for school
7:30-9:15 am - free time (no kids)
9:15-10:30 - babysit
10:30-10:45 - free time
10:45-11:00 - pick up my youngest at school
11:00-2:30 - free time - but I have my youngest with me. finding alternative care for him is not an option
2:30-3:10 - kids home from school, snacks for them
3:10-4:20 - carpool for various after-school activities (I'm in the car this entire time)
4:20-5:30 - dinner prep
5:30-6:00 - dinner and clean-up
6:00-10:30 - free time. Hubby is home by now and can watch the kids.

Give me ideas that will keep me busy during my free time. Give me some ideas on what to eat, what I should do for exercise. How can I make the most of my free time?

Something to consider: I eat constantly when I'm home. And even if we don't have cookies and cake in the house it ain't no thang for me to whip up some delicious carb-laden masterpiece to consume. So, it would probably be wise to not be home since that's when I gorge myself. However, this is not always practical, both physically (I'm in AZ and it's still stinkin' hot out) and financially (I don't have much money to be doing activities that cost money nor do I have the money to be spending on gas). So, any ideas on how to keep me out of the food?

For this question, I'm only looking for suggestions for tomorrow. I just want to get through tomorrow and for once not feel like a glutton at the end of the day.
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Do you have any craft materials? This could be a great time to decorate your home for Halloween or prepare for Thanksgiving/Christmas - making decorations, making gifts, clearing out space for gifts, tracking down old unwanted toys and spiriting them away forever, testing all your strands of lights...
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*oops* actually tomorrow from 10:30-2:30 I have free time. My little guy is in school all day tomorrow.
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Don't know if you're into this kind of thing, but during some of your free time maybe you could knit, embroider, or sew... something that keeps you occupied and that is also relaxing and requires clean hands that are not snacking or simultaneously whipping something up in the kitchen. While you do one of these activities you could listen to any number of audiobooks that addresses overeating. I suggest this one because it's funny and true (IMHO) and it's what worked for me--but to each their own!
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It's hopefully not too hot at 7:30, so I would recommend a good long walk, if not a jog or bikeride or steep hike first thing at 7:30. That sets the tone: you've worked out, now it's a workout kind of day where you're living healthy. You probably don't even need to work in time for a shower - that'll be your treat come 10:45.

From 11:00 to 2:30 you have your biggest chunk of free time. Can the two of you use some of that time to go to the grocery to get lots of nutrition-dense calorie-light foods like veggies and fruits (fresh or frozen)? Once you have them, make it a goal to eat a Lot of them. People wisely say to not change everything at once, and one of the things that helped me the Most was to not cut back on how much I was eating, but to Change what I eat. Five fruits and five veggies a day are really filling, so when I work them in I tend to eat a lot less of the carb-laden stuff that makes me feel worse if I have more than a small amount.

In the rest of that free time, sure, do some holiday crafts (pumpkin carving is hard work, pumpkin seeds a healthy snack for the kids), maybe even learning something new you haven't tried before. One of the other best changes I've made is that I've gained esteem by learning new skills and I'm busier for having taken classes and gotten really involved with my gym. And when I'm busy and feel better about myself, I eat better. Mostly.

So, tomorrow: exercise, a lot of fruits and veggies, healthy meals with lean protein. Maybe even learning something new (youtube has lots of good craft videos). You can do that for just one day, right? And it feels good, so you'll likely want to do some more of it, too!
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Hmmm. Is it too hot for you to go for a walk during that first free time period, before the babysitting? Like, they leave for school, you leave to go for a walk? I always find that exercising sort of...resets my appetite. And it helps you wake up. And at the end of the day you can say, "Hey, I went for a walk today!"
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10:30-10:45 - free time

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Also, want to suggest this book to you. I know you didn't ask for suggestions on reading material, but honestly, I can't resist mentioning it because it's full of interesting studies on what makes us eat as much or as little as we do.

To try to stay in line with your question though, I'll suggest some deep cleaning or organizing in the morning (which could include making lists of things that need to be done), and from 10:30-10:45 you could write a letter to someone that you know would appreciate hearing from you and getting a handwritten letter.
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I've been trying Couch to 5K. you only need a half an hour a day, 3 days a week
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If you have a good public library nearby, it's probably airconditioned, AND they'll have a no-food policy. You could plan to spend a good chunk of free time there. Not just reading or browsing books - take something with you you need to do: letters to write, or unobtrusive crafts (our library doesn't mind people knitting, for example). Don't take money with you and you won't be able to sneak out to a nearby shop for food either.
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i've been doing the paleo thing.

i've found that eating stuff like avocados, beef jerky, and nuts make me fill up pretty quickly.

i rarely eat refined carbs anymore and if i'm feeling all "comfort food" like, i'll eat some bacon and avocado slices. i know, i know, they're very fatty. but after reading Gary Taubes and Robb Wolf, and also having it be the first healthy food change i've EVER stuck to for more than two weeks, i'm a freaking evangelist.

also, applesauce with some almond mixed in is very tasty. or frozen berries with some almond butter. didn't think i would like it, but i do and a very little really goes a long way in terms of satisfying a salty sweet craving.
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oh, that should say "applesauce with some almond butter".

as for exercise, try just doing some pushups, even if you have to do them where your knees are on the floor and you cross your ankles. that's the only way i can do them. you can also do pushups by angling yourself against a counter in the kitchen. kind of like you are doing plank position but at 45 or 60 degree angle to the counter. it helps to sneak stuff like that in.

good luck!
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Nthing Couch 2 5k for your morning block. I'm a fan of the pod casts from the National Health Service. I find it motivating to hear a lady with a British accent tell me to "keep it up" even though I "know" it is only a recording. Is it too hot when school gets out for your youngest to play at the school playground for a bit?

You could go grocery shopping for healthy food in mid day block. Don't go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Maybe visit the library to pick up books/ exercise videos/ cds.

For the kids' snack, you can make "ants on a log" (put peanut butter/ cream cheese on celery then add raisin "ants" on top). Or you can get get different types of apples from the supermarket, slice them, and then have your kids vote on their favorites.

If you are driving during the entire carpool block...then it's karaoke time. If you are waiting in the car during carpool time, why not make a phone call to a distant family member or a friend?

How about a chicken/ fish/ tofu dish for dinner? Your kids might enjoy helping you with salad prep. (They can help mix in the (cherry) tomatoes, peppers, celery, carrots, seeds, nuts, etc.) Another side could be green beans, or broccoli with cheese. Frozen bananas taste a bit like vanilla ice cream. Place sliced bananas on cookie sheets. Frozen fruit (as is the ones you buy fresh and freeze yourself) is yummy too.

During your evening block you can do some meal prep for the following day. You can also watch exercise/ meditation/ yoga videos from the DVDs you checked out from the library (or from youtube). Finally, curl up with a good book, and congratulate yourself for a day well done.
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If you're eating due to boredness, or feel a need to snack, try chewing gum. It's helped me occupy my mouth without chewing fingernails, the insides of my lips, or random snacking. Sugar-free, of course. I like mint, but there are a lot of options.
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