Nasty! Nasty seals.
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How can I clean or replace my shower door seals?

I have a glass shower door in a metal frame. It is held in by a clear plastic strip on both sides. These strips are getting pretty gross. It looks like I might be able to peel out the strips and clean them; maybe soak them in bleach. There is a gap at the top where the strip is not connected.

So is this possible? Will they clean up or is there a way to buy replacement strips? Thank you.
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Are you talking about the silicone caulk? It's rubbery and not hard plastic, right?

My shower doors are held in place with screws and then the frame is sealed with clear silicone caulk. You can use a utility knife blade to scrape out the old caulk. Apply new caulk and wait a day to use the shower.
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You can buy replacement strips-- start with the door manufacturer if you can, but your local megahardware store should have something that'll work. Be sure to re-balance the door after applying.
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Response by poster: It's a firm, flexible plastic. Definitely in a preformed shape that I suppose gets pushed into place between the glass and frame.

Is there a proper name for this strip?
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You can remove the strip and clean it, or you can purchase a new strip at a Home Depot type store (which is what we did a few years ago). Some of these strips have an adhesive back that might make it hard to remove cleanly.
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