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[PhotographyFilter] So I have a DF-293-NIK flashgun with a plastic hotshoe mount. Sadly, it's cracked off on one side. Can it be repaired or do I have to buy a new flashgun? Photo here.
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Sorry, you can't repair that reliably yourself. There are products that allow you to reform plastic, however, your shoe is in a high stress point and will fail easily. In addition, the amount of time and money to use those plastic reforming products isn't really worth it for a flash that's less that $100.

Since that flash is less than $100, it's kinda not worth having a shop repair it. They'll charge at least $100 to touch it. Better money is to just buy a replacement that has all the benefits of the new designs and a warranty.

If you're looking for a cheap option to solve your problem, consider buying a older used flash from a local store or ebay.
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