Mindfulness classes in New York
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Recommendation for an affordable mindfulness class in NYC?

I want to start learning about mindfulness, but all the classes in New York city cost $400-$800 and don't start until January. Can anyone give me a recommendation for a an affordable place to start right away? And is "insight meditation" the same as "mindfulness"?
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I'm not sure if I'm off track but you can go to weekly Dharma talks at the Shambhala center (tues) for approx $10. There are similar meditation classes in Brooklyn as well. Also there are Jon Kabat-Zinn mindfullness CDs you can order online.
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Mindfulness is a key element of "insight meditation," but not all of it. I mean, these terms are not always used consistently, but when I think of "mindfulness" I think of a purely secular, mental training kind of process -- and everything I've seen that's described as "insight meditation" also contains many Buddhist elements.

I was on a similar search a few years ago when I lived in NYC. I wanted to find secular classes in mindfulness, and the only thing I turned up was MBSR classes (Kabat-Zinn's eight week program) which I took and enjoyed. I think I paid a little more than $400, but there are some teachers here in the $300-350 range:


If the religious/philosophical stuff doesn't bother you, I think there are a lot more options. The Shambhala center mentioned above is a good resource, as well as the NYIMC...
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Insight.meditiation teaches their own tradition of a major branch of Buddhism. They are really all about tools, not about dogma. I am a huge fan. Their four week beginners course is $90 with a sliding scale.

You can get in on the (lack of) action free for nothing by listening to some of the talks at DharmaSeed, but I find a class very helpful and there is something very spiritually invigorating about being in a roomful of people being as quiet as possible.
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Thanks all. I ended up taking two classes at Insight Meditation and loving it. We elected to pay $50 on the sliding pay scale and at the end of the class they gave us a gift certificate for another $50 class. Pretty great deal, and the classes have been very helpful. Subsequently we've gone to Village Zendo for some more formal zen meditation and liked that a lot--it only costs $10 a sitting and there is a regular beginner class.
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