My belt holds my pants up, but my belt loops hold my belt up...
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Shopping filter: I need a belt to match my shoes.

I just bought a new pair of shoes. They're made from soft, tan nubuck leather. I really would like a belt made of the same material and color, because I have to be matchy-matchy. My searching efforts have largely been unsuccessful, including searching all of my local shopping malls.

I would like something like this, but available in the US (international shipping might be an option if the belt itself didn't already cost nearly $100). I don't care much for garish embellishments or wacky buckles. I just want a tan, soft leather belt. Budget around $50, but I'm flexible within reason. Online or brick and mortar, all suggestions welcome.
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This Cole Haan belt at Zappos is similar to the one you linked, $65. Sounds like it would be soft, but possibly too dark for the shoes if you're going for Ultimate Matchy.
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Check out Narragansett Leathers.
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I don't hate this one, in suede.
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Here's an option.

Another option — Pick your color.

And lastly (not as matchy-matchy).
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My brother had a belt very similar to the one you link to (the buckle was slightly more "rugged" looking) from either American Eagle or Abercrombie. Obviously a whole heck of a lot cheaper than the one you're looking at, but the quality was decent and it lasted him years (he grew out of it). I don't see one like it on the AE site, and the Abercrombie site is down for maintenance right now, but those places might be worth a look.
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This belt seems like a pretty good match. Incidentally, I have it in another color; it's pretty nice, and it matches my sand suede Clarks Desert Boots pretty well.
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