Soft Pretzels
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Oktoberfest is here. Looking for recommendations for mail order purveyors of 'Philly' and/or 'Bavarian' soft pretzels in the U.S. Which companies/websites do you recommend?
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Looking for pretzels beyond the 'Super Pretzels' in the grocery freezer case.
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If you can't find what you want, here is a recipe from Alton Brown's Good Eats that aired on TV recently: Soft Pretzels
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OH. BTW, "Oktoberfest" is actually in September so you've already missed it.
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Auntie Anne's makes a good soft pretzel, and also offers an at-home baking kit available through these stores.

But honestly? The best and cheapest pretzels will come from your own kitchen. They are not that difficult to make. If you're worried about learning to shape them, go buy a can of Play-Doh and practice first. "Top Secret Recipes" even has a version of Auntie Anne's soft pretzels.
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This is maybe a little far afield, but how about trying to buy some dough from a local bagel shop? Then you could form them, boil and bake.

The doughs aren't identical but very close.
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Pretzels are dead easy to make. The only annoying part is getting the food grade lye. Its just a slightly rich white bread dough. Just dip in lye solution and bake. Will be much much better than what you can get premade.
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(re food grade lye: this is hard to come by, but the Alton Brown recipe linked above substitutes baking soda. The recipe is totally straightforward, and the results---at least the day you make them --- are very good. They get soggy the next day. )
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AMZN is a pretty easy source for the lye if you are in the US. I think the Baking Soda sub is a little lacking if you want that real pretzel-y taste. Just don't be dumb with the lye - the solution you use is pretty dilute.
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