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Where can I buy digital copies of books without an e-reader?

I need a copy of (popular Australian play) The Boys by Gordon Graham, and I don't have time to wait for shipping. It's not available in any of my town's libraries or bookstores (I live in regional Victoria, Australia). Is there anywhere I can download a digital copy of the play to read on my Mac? Any other suggestions on getting a play, fast? Thanks!
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Is it on Kindle? There is a free Kindle app for home computers and for smartphones.
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Amazon will let you buy Kindle ebooks without a physical Kindle. I think you might have to download and register the (free) Kindle app first, though.
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Nope, it's not on the Kindle Store unfortunately. That would have been great, though!
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How about the Nook store? There is a Mac Nook client.
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No luck there either.
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You can order a PDF copy of the play through the National Library of Australia. They may for copyright reasons only be able to get you an excerpt.

Also, Trove lists 9 libraries in Victoria with this play in hardcopy, and one with an epub (digital) version.
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Also, the University of Ballarat has a copy that was due back two days ago, according to their online catalog. Maybe try them and see if it's been returned?
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Thank you so much, zippy!

I got all excited about the epub version but it's coming up as 'not yet in collection'. I'll try UB when they open tomorrow. I'd never heard of the National Library's copying service - that's pretty cool, although it does take 3-5 working days, but I'll look at that as a last resort for sure.
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Not your original question, but Fishpond has your play and it "Ships within 24 hours from local
supplier". So if your UB "play today" plan fails, "play Wednesday" is still a possibility.
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