The Old Hag?
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There is a painting by William Blake depicting a hag/imp like creature sitting on the chest of a naked sleeper. I believe it's meant to be a representation of the experience of sleep paralysis. My google is failing - does anyone know the title of the painting?

A link to the painting is here:
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It's not william blake.
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Best answer: Do you mean this painting by Henry Fusili?
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Yeah, the painting you linked to is actually by Nikolaj Abraham Abildgaard, which I think is just called "Nightmare." It's sort of a cover version of the original Fuseli painting.
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Your google is failing because it's not a painting by Blake. The clue's actually in the URL you pasted; it's a painting called Nightmare by the Danish painter Nicolai Abildgaard.

(I got there using Tin Eye.)
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It's a painting by Abildgaard as the filename suggests, and is itself inspired by the famous "Nightmare" painting of Fuseli, whose work William Blake made several engravings of.
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That last image in my link is tempting because it's a version of "Nightmare" in a Blake exhibition but it actually appears to have been done by Thomas Holloway. Blake very much admired Fuseli though, and called him "The only Man that e'er I knew / Who did not make me almost spue."
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Fuseli's admiration of Blake was more tempered:

Blake is damned good to steal from.

So you could be right after all, conceivably; much of Blake's work did not survive.
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Response by poster: Ah, I think the Fuseli painting was the one I was originally thinking of. I was describing to a friend the experience of sleep paralysis, and I knew there was a painting that I thought was by Blake that depicted it. The vague terms I used to try to find it threw up the painting I linked to.

But yes, the Fuseli painting was what I was after - the other one was near enough that I thought it must've been it.

I wasn't aware of the Tin Eye site - thanks MLC. Very interesting. Thanks all for your help too.
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