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Is there a service that lets me RDC to computers running various versions of IE so I can test websites? I need to debug JS and CSS which is more than a browserlab/browsershots screenshot can provide.

I'd prefer not to install a ton of VMs on my computer because it takes up time, so I'm willing to pay for this.
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Assuming RDC is something like VNC then indeed there is:
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Wow, nice. Can anyone comment on which is a better service? Seems CBT costs more and has more features. Any others?
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If you press F12 in IE9 you can choose to render as IE7, 8 or 9 and choose between standards and quirks mode.
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I've concluded that is the superior service. I'm very happy with its bookmarklet in-browser testing, and it supports a huge combination of OSes and browsers including mobile browsers. BrowserStack's only advantage is price, and that's important, but I'm not worried about it right now.
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Update: BrowserStack has improved their service much more quickly than and we use it for everything.
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