Video chat US/China?
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What is the best US/China video chat option?

There are a few relevant older questions, but things change so fast that I thought to get the latest word. This is for personal, not business, use. Thank you!
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My family uses Skype - it works fine and it's free! Quality depends on the internet speed on each end, obviously, but that's a factor in all video chatting.
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My family also uses Skype.
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I've successfully used FaceTime in India and china, fwiw, and greatly prefer it to Skype. I've also used cisco's teleconferencing tools, but they're not really oriented toward consumer uses.
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I'm in China and Skype often has very slow connection speeds for me (the US version at least). I prefer using Gmail video chat or Google+ hangouts.
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Skype works for us from China to US, UK, Canada and Norway.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I will report back in the name of science. My friends in China thank you as well!
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You could also try QQ. It's An IM client, but has a video option. I use the IM part but haven't done video.

Chances are, someone living in China already has and/or is familiar with QQ.
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