Seeking special snowflake wedding venue outside of NYC
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My Fiancée and I are looking for the perfect venue in a 2-hour radius of New York City (CT, NJ, PA, DE), and cost is definitely a consideration. We're wildly guesstimating we will have 75 people. More inside...

The ideal fantasy venue is a B&B with extensive flower gardens where family could rent out the place and stay the night before, and everything can happen right there (getting ready, ceremony, reception). It would have a pretty outdoor ceremony site and a pretty indoor backup rain location. It would be nice if there wasn't a site fee; if we only needed to rent out all the (~$100/night) rooms. As I said: This is the ideal fantasy.

Barns and farms are nice, too, if there are flower gardens on the grounds. Just barns, not really what we want. Buttermilk Falls would be ideal, if it wasn't so expensive.

The first thing to be dropped would be the B&B/staying over aspect. In that category, Waveny House would be great if it had a smaller site fee and a bigger garden.

So, anyone know of an undiscovered gem?

...or have a really nice backyard?
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You might try this website. You can search by state and scroll down to "weddings" under the "Amenities" tab.
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I've stayed at the Cornwall Inn in Cornwall, PA (around 2.5 hours outside of NYC several times while visiting family in the area.

They've been setting up or taking down weddings while we've been there and it struck me as an awfully nice place to get married. That said, I don't have a clear idea of what their fees are, nor have I attended a wedding there. I can tell you that the people who run the place have been extremely nice. The gardens are not extensive, but there's some nice flowers.

Cornwall, PA is a tiny town out in Amish country - lots of rolling hills, farms, and so on - but definitely in the middle of nowhere. There is a larger hotel nearby, a Hampton Inn I think, that could accommodate additional guests.
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In Columbia County, you've got Vintage East. It's a gorgeous site.
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Vineyards might be worth looking into. In CT, Gouveia and Jonathan Edwards both have very picturesque grounds and I've definitely seen weddings at both. There's probably some good options on Long Island too.
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Locust Grove?
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There are several B&Bs on the north fork of Long Island near Greenport. Try calling a few to see how flexible they might be on pricing. If you book during the off-season, you might be able to get some good deals. An added benefit is that many of the local vendors (florists, catering, etc) are fairly inexpensive too, so you may be able to save enough on those things to afford a slightly higher price-point on the venue. A good friend was able to put together a wonderful wedding out there on a fairly limited budget. YMMV.

There are also several wineries out there that host weddings, but they may be too pricey for what you are looking for.
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A bit further afield than you are asking for, but our friends had a nice wedding here of about the size you are thinking of. (You don't mention your upper price limit, which might help with answers.)
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We had our wedding at Clermont in upstate NY. It was beautiful. It's a little more than 2 hours due North of NYC. I'm pretty sure our caterer (who treated us right more ways than you can shake a stick at, from good food to just simply handling stuff (broken chairs, extra settings at the last minute)) was Main Course out of New Paltz.
This was all, mind you 8 years ago. Good luck! Take deep breaths! Have fun!
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