Dutch Oven Needs British Beanz
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Where (north of Bellingham, WA) and south of the Canadian border can I buy British or Irish baked beans (Heinz or Bachelors, for example)? My wife likes them.
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The Fred Meyer here in Portland has Heinz baked beans in the "English" section. I looked on the Bellingham Fred Meyer website, but their search function isn't great. Maybe give 'em a call?
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My local (Boston) Stop & Shop carries them, in the international food aisle. Try your major supermarkets?
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I have a couple of local supermarkets that stock them in the "international" aisle, but they're also easily found at Cost Plus/World Market.
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I see them in the Ranch 99 Market, I suspect other "Asian import" stores might have them.
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My local (Muncie!) Meijer big-box has Heinz baked beans in the International aisle.
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Just order them from Amazon.
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Best answer: There's a Hagen's north of Bellingham a couple exits that might carry them.
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In Seattle, the QFC on Holman Rd. carries them in their British section.
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Try Indian food stores. I know the SF Bay Area ones often have Heinz beans.
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Response by poster: @Blazecock Pileon: got the beans! We're just getting familiar with the area - didn't even realize that Haggen was a supermarket... I think I thought it was a pharmacy or something.

@marginalia: I was in Boston on Thursday, and knew that S&S carried them - but I didn't want to pay $25 to check my bags with the beanz on the way back west!
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