Name for our new puppy
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We are adopting a puppy on Friday and are looking for a great name for her. Our requirements are inside...

She is 5-6 months old, a mutt, and absolutely adorable. Her face looks somewhat like a beagle, but she's got the body of a smooth collie. Her back is mostly black, but the rest of her body is white w/brown spots (beagle markings). However, what really stands out are her eyes - she has one light blue and one brown eye. And did I mention she's a total cutie?

We already have another dog, a pitch-black mutt named Sirius - both in honor of the dog star and the Harry Potter character.

We're racking our brains trying to come up w/something related to her eyes, but can't come up with anything besides Delirium (which, much as I love Neil Gaiman, I can't bring myself to name my dog). We'd also like something that 'fits' with Sirius. Any ideas?
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Sticking with the Order of the Phoenix theme, how about Tonks?
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Or Crookshanks?
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David Bowie has two different color eyes (one blue and one hazel). How about Bowie? Or Ziggy (from Ziggy Stardust) ?
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How about something related to Binary Stars? Sirius is a visual binary, and with her two different eyes, it could be cool (and geeky).

Algol (Algy?) isn't the best name for a female dog, but there's also Mizar (Mizzy?), Centauri (Tori?). Most star names sound pretty masculine, but Vega could be a good one.

Personally, the first thing that comes to my mind is Shirley. I think Shirley is a great dog name and goes very well with Sirius. "Surely you can't be Serious!" "He is Sirius, and don't call him Shirley."

ha ha.
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A dog with two different eye colors is probably a chimera. Kind of an unwieldy word for a name, but might spark some ideas.
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I'd suggest sticking with the star related theme. You have Sirius, the largest star in the "Canis Major" constallation. Why not Procyon, the largest star in "Canis Minor"? Or there's always Maera, the dog that is supposedly represented by the consteallation. Maera was Icarus's pooch. More on the myth here:
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Heh, I have to be obvious and go with Gaspode! One of the best doggy characters around.

Seriously, I really like ulotrichous's ideas. Centauri sounds good.

Sticking with the Harry Potter theme, I can't believe noone has suggested Hermione yet, it's a pretty name. When I close my eyes and try to picture your dog, I come up with pretty names like Lily or Daisy or gee, I guess flowers.
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Good star names to my eye include: Altair, Capella, Arcturus, Procyon (dog-related too), Deneb, Canopus, Achernar, Vega, Cheleb (dog-related too), Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix, Mintaka, Alnitak, Algol, Fomalhaut, Rukbat, Antares, Aldebaran, Alcyone, Maia, Merope, Pleione, Alcor, Polaris, Spica, Vindemiatrix.

Dog-related stars include the ones in dog constellations:
Canes venatici (hunting dogs): Cor Caroli, Chara.
Canis major (big dog): Sirius, Mirzam, Muliphein, Wezen, Adhara, Furud, Aludra.
Canis minor (wee dog): Procyon, Gomeisa.
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Great suggestions so far - keep 'em coming!

Just to clarify, I'm not necessarily looking for HP names - but I do like the idea of continuing the star theme (Stella is one of the names we've come up with so far). It has to be 2-3 syllables max.
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Stella would be great. You could do you best Brando voice every time you call for her....
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Once, while camping, we pretended that my friends foot was a dog. We named it Softly Grinner

I think that's a great name for a dog.

The gf suggests: CrackerJack or Hazzle.
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"We're racking our brains trying to come up w/something related to her eyes, but can't come up with anything besides Delirium (which, much as I love Neil Gaiman, I can't bring myself to name my dog). "

you could always name him after Delirum's dog

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Name it "71 is the largest supersingular prime" tia.
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End of discussion: you can name it "Soda". Its a beautiful name! Its unique, and very refreshing. Everyone will love "Soda".

Personally, when I get a dog, I've always wanted to name it "Seven" after my idol, Mickey Mantle...
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On the star theme, Lokabrenna is the Old Norse name for the star Serious.
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Once, while camping, we pretended that my friends foot was a dog. We named it Softly Grinner.

Wow, that musta been some good weed.
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don't forget Farty McBumBum
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ShawnString: Barnabas was the name we'd picked out if the dog had been male. Sirius & Barnabus - too cool! But I don't think the name works for a girl. We are considering Eblis, though.

Signal, is there a story behind Samara?

indiebass: my friend's cat is named Soda.

So far we've added Ziggy and Vega to the list. Thank you all for the suggestions so far and keep 'em coming if you've got more...
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I've always wanted to name a dog Pavlov, but have always been overruled.
A neat one might be Kester, Kitts, Reprobo or Offero, all various names for the (mythological?) St. Christopher. I mention St. Christopher because in Eastern Orthodox Christianity, he's cynocephelitic (dog-headed). I think Kester's a pretty good name for a dog, too. And I'm not even religious.
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Has someone already mentioned Petunia? One of Harry's aunts, I believe. Complimenting Sirius from a star standpoint, have you looked into the pseudo-science stuff surrounding Sirius and the Dogon people of Africa? Nommo is/are supposed to come from the star Sirius in the Dogon mythology and Timbuktu was supposedly an ancient center for astronomy. The Dogon areas of Mali have some wonderful place names as well that you could utilize --Bozo, Samo, Mossi, Bandiagarra.

Sirius also has a companion star of course, Sirius B. So --Bee could also be an option.

Also, also, if you have a dog named Sirius, Dogsbody by Dianna Wynne Jones should be required reading.
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I'm in favor of Rigel.

Sirius is the brightest star -- Rigel is also in the top ten. (Seventh, to be exact.) Brightest Stars

'Sirius' and 'Rigel' both sound like fairly common adjectives, which will satisfy those of your acquaintances who take things at face value. They will assume your dogs are named Serious and Regal.

And your new dog even looks sort of like a Beagle.
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Mythological; astronomical; female; eccentric.
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I bet I know why the name Vega is appealing...
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Ha - I was wondering how long it would take you to pop in... And yes, you're right about why I like Vega. Some things never change... We ended up going with Stella in the end - C had her heart set on it. Stella is a total cutie!
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