Where can I travel this winter?
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What is a cheap international trip I can take this winter?

Right now i am living in Israel. I'm looking for a cheap international trip i could take, somewhere in Europe or Asia, or wherever for when i have the holidays free this winter.

My friends have recommended going skiing in an eastern european country, or to find a cruise that goes to cyprus or greece.

Anyone taken interesting trips they could recomend? Any other tips or advice? Thanks
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http://www.kayak.co.uk/explore/ should help you out - enter where you are, and what sort of price range you can afford.

Looking at the list, I see you can fly to much of Europe from Tel Aviv for under £300. You can even get to London for £150 at some point; however, London is a fantastically expensive place to go on a holiday. You might want to think about Amsterdam, which is still expensive but has a range of good galleries and cafes, along with a culture that allows you to sit in a cafe for a bit.
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I'd second the skiing in eastern Europe. There are some nice slopes, and the cost of everything is significantly less. And the people are wonderful.

Bosnia hosted the winter Olympics a few years back. The runs are still in tough shape, but Sarajevo itself can be magical. You might consider touring around a bit.
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It is a few years old, but here is an article on skiing in Bulgaria. If you want up to date information on skiing I'd really suggest posting a question to the travel and resort forums of Epic Ski.
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