I want a pretty graph of traffic!
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I needs a replacement for Analog. Suggestions?

I want an app that can examine the raw log files in a compressed format.

I've been using Analog for nearly a decade, but it doesn't run in Lion. Time to find something new.

I prefer to run it on my desktop and not a cloud solution. I use a mac primarily.

Yes I use google analytics, but I want to see the things that google won't show you (bad inbound links, missing graphics, etc.)
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Best answer: I was able to compile the source code under 10.7.2 with no errors. I posted the binary here. If you want to validate it, its SHA1 signature is: 08cea9473e0b71872f9ce9d5584d2cf325bb60ae
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Best answer: "it doesn't run in Lion"

What is it about Analog that you don't have working on Lion? I just compiled it from the source tarball on Lion, with no errors, and while I didn't put it through a rigorous test it does seem to run just fine.
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I should note that the SHA1 digest is for the tarball, not the binary (which is inside the tarball).
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As others have said above, analog compiles and runs fine under Lion. You can build it by hand, or use MacPorts (which builds it cleanly, too).

One thing: if you upgraded to Lion with XCode 3.x previously installed, the essential binaries from /usr/bin are moved to /Developer/usr/bin, which is a major PITA if you don't know about it. Just get the latest Xcode, install and all will be well.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, folks! I'm running again.

I'm used to a clickable binary, but this works.

Looks like some of the configs are a bit different from the version I was using, but I'll figure it out.
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