Sony Blu-ray + universal remote = no joy
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Can you help me get my Cox Cable universal remote (M7820) to play nice with my Sony Blu-ray player (BDP-S380 / BX38)? Both Sony and Cox tech support tell me there are no remote codes in existence to program into the Cox remote. That just sounds ludicrous to me...what's up? I know how to program the remote, just need the proper code.
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FYI, these codes for Sony DVD players do not work: 0533, 1033, 1533, 0864, 1431, 1432, 1433, 1548, 1892.
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Does the device have a 'learning' mode as many universal remotes do? Obvious, I know.

If you can't get an actual code, you may have to try the codes for other devices in order to see if one of them works.
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Here's how to put the remote into code-search mode, then you keep "changing the channel" until the device turns off, then press setup to lock it in.
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Gave that a shot, but not extensively...will give it another go...
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I am under the impression that doing the search will eventually try every code the remote knows. So I'd say after a few minutes of trying, if it still isn't working then maybe that remote just doesn't speak Sony Blu-ray. Cursory googling doesn't show anyone getting it working, but one person does suggest getting a newer universal remote.
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Sony IR codes have been remarkably consistent over the years, to the point you can generally pick up a remote from a DVD player manufactured a decade and use it to control their latest Blu-ray players (though of course it won't have the Blu-ray specific buttons like Popup Menu and the four color buttons.) This makes me think it's possible you aren't entering the codes properly into your Cox remote; have you successfully configured it to control other third-party devices (for example, your TV?)
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Yep, it was working my prior Sony DVD player...
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Solved the problem by exchanging my remote for a newer Cox model (URC8820), then using code 1516...all is well, now...
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