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I've forgotten an sFTP password and need to recover it. The account is setup and working in EditPlus. Many years ago I remember using a Windows utility that allowed you to drag an icon over any ******* password field and the password would be revealed. I can't remember the name of this utility. Google reveals many other utilities that might do the same thing, but I ph33r the Russian Hax0rs. Does anyone know of a crap-ware free program that can help me? Operating System XP Home.
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I've had some success with X-pass to recover passwords for users that had forgotten them. Although I have mostly used it on 2k, it's supposed to work on XP as well. It's freeware and there is an MD5 checksum for your safety.

Although if the sFTP program was written with security in mind, this will not work. For example, you cannot use this app to reveal the passwords in Bruce Schneier's Password Safe. Something to do with wether the actual password is stored in the UI or not.
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Not the one I was looking for, but works the same, thanks.

(And I meant to say WinSCP, not EditPlus, in the original post).
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TinTitan: That's scary.
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Also - pwHack
{ Use at your own peril; Even though I didn't, I could have filled it with the Russian Hacker Goodness }
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Snadboy's Revelation has worked for me.
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Ah ha, Revelation was the one I used before. Many thanks.
posted by alan at 11:11 AM on June 14, 2005

snadboy has saved my butt several times.
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This is good to know.
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