Grad school programs like NYU/Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program
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Are there comparable grad programs to NYU's Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) on the west coast?

I'm applying to the inITP for next fall, but I live out in Los Angeles. I'm familiar with similar programs in NYC & Pittsburgh but not out west.

Is anyone familiar with programs that explore communication technology in a similar way on the west coast? Preferably in SF or Seattle.

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Tell us WHAT your goal in doing this degree is and I can name many for you.
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Do you know about DXArts at the University of Washington? My understanding is that their program is more art-based than ITP, and the admission requirements are focused on students coming from a fine art background, but that may have changed.
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Two that come to mind: DANM at UC Santa Cruz, and MAT at UC Santa Barbara. Previously. As an ITP alum and adjunct, however, I must aver: you will find no other program to be comparable.
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More north than you might have considered, but not that far from Seattle: The School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

The basic health plan is covered if you're a TA and the extended health plan (dental, glasses) is $400 for the year.

Again, see question above: What do you want out of this degree?
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Response by poster: hey everybody,

i'm looking for two things mainly:

1. reorientation of my career. i'm currently work in advertising for technology & thew work leaves me feeling restless about making derivative things rather than the thing itself, if that makes sense

2. creative fulfillment. i've been interested in the Maker culture & figuring out 'how stuff works' since I was a kid. i'm looking for an environment to develop skills & collaborate with other people passionate about making things
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