make my glasses look like they're broken
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Halloween Costume Filter: DIY broken lens eyeglasses.

I want to have a shattered lens in my eyeglasses for part of my costume, but am not sure how to achieve it.

What can I use to mimic the look of broken glass?

It's okay if the suggestion ruins the glasses, as they're an old pair that I don't use anymore. (That said, I don't think actually breaking them would work, since the lenses are plastic.)
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If they are plastic lenses, then you might be able to scratch in a bunch of 'cracks' to make it look like they're broken. That and some scotch tape or some duct tape could work well.
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Crinkle up some plastic wrap and scotch tape it in.
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Joke cracked/broken glass decals, like you might see on a car window - I would link to some, but apparently most gag shops are classified as 'sexual materials' by our web filter at work...
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General rule of thumb: if duct tape won't get the job done, a Sharpie probably will
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They sell faux antiquing crackle paint a just about every big box craft store. Just ask someone when you walk in, and they'll be able to point you to it. When I was a kid, my mom refinished a desk with a little boat painting on it. She repainted the boat in acrylic, then, if I remember correctly, brushed the stuff all over the top of it (it was clear), which gave it a weathered, cracked appearance when dry.

I bet it would be a pretty easy way to achieve a broken lenses look with it, and you could probably clean it off when you're done.
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I'd use a marker to draw in cracked marks.
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Pick the broken glass image of your choice and print it out on clear adhesive paper, cut and stick. You can buy one sheet of the paper at any office supply store.
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Make your own safety glass by covering the lens with clear packing tape. Then bash it with a hammer.
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When I was a kid, I used to freak my parents out by drawing cracks on the bathroom mirror with a piece of sharpened soap. It looks realistic and easily washes off.
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Yeah, I'd set a wide-bit screwdriver on it, and give it a good tap with a hammer. The tape is a good plan.
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Grease pencil.
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If you're drawing crack marks on it, draw them on in white, not black.
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Following on Kid Charlemagne's suggestion, how about using Wite-Out to paint on cracks, with the pointy end of the brush?
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There are Wite-Out pens now. Might work a bit better than the brushy kind.
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