I'm looking for a specific fantasy story.
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I'm looking for a specific fantasy story.

I only know it was a short story or possibly an excerpt from a book (published in a monthly science fiction and fantasy mag). The people lived in medieval-style surroundings and had one special magical ability.

The main protagonist's ability was that he could speak with inanimate objects (one scene involved him talking to the floor in a princess' bedroom, asking for clues after the princess had been kidnapped, and the floor refusing to answer questions pertaining to the princess's private stuff).

I seem to remember it was quite a famous fantasy author, with him being discussed at some length after the story (basically pimping his books). Anybody?
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That sounds like Dor, from Piers Anthony's Xanth series. I don't remember that exact passage (it's been years and years since I read those), but I'm pretty sure it's Xanth.
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Yeah, that's definitely a passage from one of the Xanth books. If memory serves, it's either Castle Roogna or Centaur Aisle (the 3rd and 4th books in the series).
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Thanks, that was it! :)
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