Can't you just take my word for it?
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What kind of bug is this?

My five-year-old daughter refuses to go back into her bathroom until I can promise her that this isn't a pincer bug. I've told her it isn't a pincer bug, but she won't accept that as good enough -- I have to be able to tell her what it is. Please help me not have to wash any more underpants. NB the tiny dark spots are fuchsia glitter; cf the above five-year-old daughter.
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Stink Bug?
posted by AlliKat75 at 5:15 PM on October 19, 2011

Looks like a Alydidae.
posted by unliteral at 5:16 PM on October 19, 2011

Stink bug.
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Best answer: I think it's a Western conifer seed bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis). Or some sort of shield bug (superfamily Pentatomoidea). But it's definitely not a pincer bug.
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Stink bug!
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Squash bug
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I've always (incorrectly?) called them stink bugs, but I guess they are actually squash bugs. We always had a few in the bathroom in my house when I was growing up, especially in the summer. They won't pinch, bite, or stink. Apparently they just like hanging out in bathrooms.
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Yeah, it looks like a stink bug. Apparently they're called that because they stink when you squish them... So I wouldnt advise that.
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Specklet has it. See description here, which jives with my experience of them invading the house this time of year.
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Assassin Bug
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Best answer: It's not a stink bug. Pentatomids are wider. It appears to be in the family Coreidae, either a squash bug or a leaf-footed bug.

Not a pincer bug.
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Best answer: Western Conifer Seed bug. They are moving east and are most noticeable in the fall as they tend to congregate on the sunny sides of buildings. Similar to the box elder bugs, and the Asian Lady Beetles, they want to spend the winter in your cozy house. They don't bite or damage anything but they are most annoying. Vacuum and/or sweep them back outside.
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NB: Western Conifer Seed bugs are in family Coreidae.
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Looks to me like some variety of Assasin Bug. It a "true" bug from this family. By the way, IANAE (or something).
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Response by poster: Western Conifer Seed Bug it is! I live in the PNW, where we are surrounded by conifers, and that is EXACTLY what that bug looks like. Thanks be to all of you from me, my daughter, and several pairs of Hello Kitty undies.
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Seed bug! Those have been invading my dorm room over on the east coast recently >:(
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I confess: I looked at your profile to see where you were.
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Whoa! Before I even clicked through, I was hoping it would be the same bug I was trying to identify myself and it is! I just saw that exact same type of bug on a screen in NYC. I kinda freaked me out because of those long pincer-looking back legs.

Eddiego -- When you say they are moving east, do you mean all they way out to the East Coast? In other words, is it rare to see them out here?
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It's definitely an assasin bug, also known as a kissing bug: They can carry a disease known as Chagas Disease. If you were bitten by it, please go get yourself checked out.
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Response by poster: ATX Peanut, it's not an assassin bug. My picture wasn't stellar, and they're similar, but my bug is definitely a seed bug.
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