LG Cosmos 2 VN 251: Exporting information
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I just bought an LG Cosmos 2 VN251 phone, and I want to figure out how to export my texts, call history, etc. off the phone and onto my iMac. I was able to do this with my previous phone, an LG-VX9900, via the bluetooth connection using BitPim—but BitPim doesn't seem to recognize this model, and my text inbox is getting full pretty quickly!

...Also, the iMac doesn't seem to be able to connect to the LG Cosmos' bluetooth; I can't browse the file directories that way. I can browse directories using the USB port, but the directories holding the information I seek to export, they're not visible; I can't find them.

So I've tried connecting via USB, setting BitPim to see the phone as an "Other CDMA phone", and selected the port "USB Device - Vendor LG Electronics, Product VX Series Phone (Direct USB connection), (Interface Diagnostics Interface)" — however, when I try to export with those settings, the option to do so is not selectable; the "OK" button is greyed-out, and none of the checkboxes are checkable. I have also tried setting the port as "/dev/cu.usbmodemfa411" which BitPim says is likely to be my phone... same result.

What's my next step? Is there another piece of software I can use to scrape texts, phonebooks, and call history off my phone?
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Worst case if this seems to be a Mac probnlem, you can always install Sun Virtual Box and have a Windows emulator and then just use the method here. Alternately it looks like if your phone has an SD card in it, you can save your texts to it and then do the old sneakernet trick with a card reader. I'd also suggest asking this question over here or talking to a tech person here.
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Not exactly convenient, but you can probably make the phone save stuff to a microSD card by default, and swap it out to your computer.
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durr already mentioned

Hey, can you get an FTP client onto the phone? I wouldn't expect a lot of apps from it, but if there's any app-install-functionality at all I'd expect something like FTP or Dropbox to be available.
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